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Call us on: 01353 699 695 or 07732 927 479

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CAMRA CAMBRIDGE WINTER BEER FESTIVAL 13th - 16th November. An excellent festival with a wide range of cask beers.

So what next - this autumn our harvest beer will be on sale in the brewery and we are brewing our Christmas beer ready for the festive season.

Our next brewery open day is Saturday 7th December 12 - 6pm Beers available;


Duneham Ale 4.4% Abv. A chestnut ale, malt flavour, hint of caramel & chocolate.

Goose Ely 4.8% Abv American pale ale, light golden colour, balance of malt and hops.

Slippery Slope 6.5% Abv, IBU 38 A warming dark winter ale, with malt and chocolate flavours. New

Nelson Blonde 4.8% Abv A golden ale, gooseberry aroma and flavour. Bitter finish New

Moturiki - Blowhole Pale Ale 5.9% Abv. Light golden colour, fruity - citrus aroma and flavour, moderate malt, light bitterness to finish.

Normandie Belle 4.8% Abv, IBU-25, A beautiful Normandie ale with golden colour and a malty sweet flavour profile. New


For 2019 we have our Taproom and Courtyard which is comfortable and serves all of our beers (available at the time). There are cask ales and bottled ales to choose from. .


FIND us in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide which contains further information on our Real and Craft Ales..

You can also bring a container to fill with your favourite beer to enjoy at home.

Watch this space for new beers in the pipeline.

offer a postal service throughout the UK. Please see our shop page for further details.



So, Autumn 2019 started well with our New Beers Nelson Blonde 4.8 & 5.9% and our Slippery Slope 6.5% (from the brewery), & 6.0% at the Cambridge Winter Beer festival. We now produce beers with lower alcohol content ~ 3.8-4.2% Abv.

WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW: The Brewery shop is open most days from 10am - 5pm. Best to call us and check we are not brewing. You can pop round anytime between 10am & 8pm. Come and try our beers at 1 Matthew Wren Close, Little Downham, CB6 2UL.


Lunar Lightning                  4.2%

Goose Ely                             4.8%      

Festival Ale                           4.5%

English Pale Ale                   3.8%

Duneham Ale                       4.4%

Duneham Porter                 4.4%

Duneham Festival               4.2% NEW

Nelson Blonde                     4.8% NEW

Slippery Slope                      6.5% NEW

Normandie Belle                 5.0% New

Duneham Export                7.4% AWARD wINNER


Wilburton Beer Festival

Ely Rugby Club Downham Road.

Little Downham Fete.

Cambridge Summer Beer Festivale.

Prince Albert Beer festival.

St Albans Beer & Cider Festival September.

Cambridge Winter Beer festival November

Harwich Beer Festival November.

Molton Brown November BLACK FRIDAY up to 30% off

Victorian Bazarr. St Leonards Church Little Downham. December

Ely Maltings Beer Festival January 2020


SAT 7th December BREWERY OPEN 12 - 6pm

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Beers of the month 2019

June -  Rebel Fest ESB 6%

July - Duneham Porter 4.4%

August- Belgian Blondey 5%

Sept - Lunar Lightning 4.2%

Oct - Normandie Belle 4.8%

Nov - Goose Ely 4.8%

Dec - Slippery Slope 6.5%


January - Nelson Blonde 5.9%

Happy New Year! New Zealand Style  

February - Moturiki Blow Hole 6.5%, An explosion of hops without the bitterness! Very NZ

You really should try this one!